My life as a mother of 4 grown boys and numerous “dog children” over the years has been eventful and chaotic.  I loved pausing for a moment to have our family portraits taken at different stages to capture our life.  Now that all my boys have “left the nest,” I’m especially glad to have those wonderful memories.  I have lived on both sides of the camera at all stages and absolutely love getting the perfect shot – showing the family’s personality.  I have had the pleasure of working with new moms and infants, active toddlers, big families, small families, families with “animal children” and am grateful to each one that invited me into their lives for a day.

Our goal is 100% satisfaction, so we have included all those critical pieces of information to help you make a decision.  Please check out our portfolio, testimonials and pricing below.  Life goes by at the blink of an eye – we would love to help you save those memories!


Client Testimonials

Bunny Woodworth is an outstanding photographer with exceptional skills. She’s photographed me before for different occasions with just myself and then with my dogs. Anyone who has dogs knows they can be a challenge in photographs, but she just said, “Just keep smiling and I’m going to keep clicking”. She made these sounds that caught the attention of the dogs and kept clicking to capture those moments! At previous times when she photographed me, we’ve done them at different locations. I’m a Jersey Girl, so I knew one of those times I had to be at the beach. I didn’t want to always do the beach, so Bunny had a few suggestions for me. She not only suggested where to go, but also had different ideas where to pose for the photographs. I told her, just tell me what to do because you’re photographer. I also asked her about posing in certain areas that I liked and she was more than willing to do what I wanted as well. I would highly recommend Bunny Woodworth and her business “Photos By Bunny” to anyone that wants an incredible photographer to capture those special moments, whether it be at parties, reunions, graduations, weddings, family functions, and etc. Bunny has the personality that will get along with anyone and I’m glad to have her as my photographer. I hope to have her photograph my engagement and wedding as well.

Amanda Solakian June 17, 2016

Portrait Pricing

Session Fee


Retouching Fee – $30.00 (starting price depending on severity)

Printed Portrait Prices

We offer different printed portrait options to meet your needs - individual prints produced on the finest grade paper, custom portraits on art linen, and our canvas portraits mounted on hardboard.

Private online proofs available for review

Individual Prices

My portraits are produced on the finest grade paper and have an overall polished look. The texture option is art linen textured giving it more of a portrait look.

Print SizePriceTextured Price
4 x 6$9.00$12.00
5 x 7$20.00$26.00
5 x 5$22.00$28.00
8 x 10$38.00$48.00
11 x 14$70.00$80.00
16 x 20$111.00$122.00

* in groups of 8

Custom Portrait Prices

Custom portraits are art linen textured and mounted on 1/8" hardboard. The surface is treated to make it more archival quality (UV protection included).

Print SizePrice
5 x 7$60.00
8 x 10$125.00
11 x 14$190.00
16 x 20$250.00
20 x 24$345.00
24 x 30$415.00

Canvas Portrait Prices

Canvas portraits are the same as custom portraits, but canvas mounted on hardboard. BEAUTIFUL!

Print SizePrice
8 x 8$150.00
8 x 10$225.00
11 x 14$245.00
16 x 20$350.00
20 x 24$455.00
24 x 30$560.00

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